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Peachtree Valley, located in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, within Gwinnett County, is a burgeoning technology hub that mirrors the innovation-driven spirit of Silicon Valley. Situated along the Technology Parkway corridor, this vibrant ecosystem is comprised of over 100 tech companies, housed within the state-of-the-art facilities of Atlanta Tech Park and Curiosity Labs. As a testament to its commitment to fostering female entrepreneurship in the green tech sector, Peachtree Valley proudly hosts Georgia's first female Green tech incubator, HerGreen Startup Incubator which is an initiative started by the Gwinnett Women's Chamber Of Commerce. Starting January, the incubator will enroll 25 women, providing them with a nurturing environment at Atlanta Tech Park to grow their ventures over the next 12 months. Peachtree Valley is not just a location; it's a dynamic community dedicated to creating a tech ecosystem that propels innovation and supports the growth of tech enterprises in Gwinnett County.

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